Balanced Living for Creatives

Balanced Living for Creatives

November 11, 2010

Wild Berries in the 'Hood

For my class about drawing berries, I went around my neighborhood and collected samples of berries. Within about a 4 or 5 block radius, I collected about 20 different types of wild berries that were growing down into the alleys here in Denver. Amazing that there would be so many different ones. In the fall we hardly notice the things that are still growing around us. The leaves are fallen or brown, or maybe the autumn leaf colors attract all our attention. But the berries are there, if we pay attention. Here are some drawings of berries.

November 7, 2010

Tweet Lights

Lights at night, garden silhouettes, reflections on the pond so still. Sculpted figures coupling over the water, I see your form, reflected.

Another twitter nature poem.