Balanced Living for Creatives

Balanced Living for Creatives

July 7, 2014

Just Released!

My new ebook is out. I'm so excited that I got it finished and uploaded.
Find a New Career: Workbook and Guide A Creative Approach

Are you where you want to be in work and life? Find a New Career: Workbook and Guide is a creative approach to discovering your ideal career. Learn the steps you need to know to confidently take charge of the direction of your life. This ebook is chock full of exercises, quizzes, and hands-on learning. As a workbook and guide, it whispers in your ear, gives you a push in the right direction, and sets you on the first practical steps of the journey whether you are changing to a new career or choosing your first career.
What you will learn in Find a New Career:
  • Clarify your decision-making process
  • Take solid steps to change your life.
  • Take charge of the direction in which your life is going.
  • Set life goals that make a difference.
  • Begin the journey to achieve your ambitions, dreams, and desires.
Use exercises and quizzes to analyze your core qualities and personal values. Identify your work strengths and discover career options that lead you to the ideal work that you can be passionate about. Find out how to follow your joy to create a balance of work and life. It’s more than a career guide, it’s a framework you can draw on for the rest of your life.