Balanced Living for Creatives

Balanced Living for Creatives

February 1, 2009

Why Nothing Gets Done

Here are four main projects that I'm working on simultaneously, as well as many associated smaller projects. No wonder nothing seems to get done. I feel compelled to work in many different mediums doing all different kinds of work. Considering art as a career, I suppose this has been the bane of my success. But considering my evolution as an artist, I suppose it is a necessary path, as I am constantly impelled to search new areas of interest. When all these projects are eventually completed there will be some nice work. But it takes a long time. If only I could just focus on the artwork and not on making money to support myself . . . . That is the struggle of artists everywhere. The images are: Passionflower in watercolor; wooden carved sculpture; Oil painting goat; Folded paper sculpture using bits of NYTimes.

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