Balanced Living for Creatives

Balanced Living for Creatives

January 7, 2010

Etsy Shop

I've just opened up an etsy shop to try to sell some artwork online. Who knows if it will actually sell some things for me. I've started with just a few items and then each day I'll add a few more.  I'm continuing to use the O, Sweet Nature moniker and so my shop address is   So far, it is taking up a lot of my time to create this online source. I wonder if I'm not better off just spending the time on painting or drawing. If anything sells, it will be worth it. Now I have to get my website (also O, Sweet Nature) up and running. All these places need to be linked. Then perhaps I might actually get some visitors to these sites.

This is one of the items for sale at etsy. It's a small watercolor, only $35, but the shipping is almost half that, so who knows if it will get any buyer interest. Wonder if I should charge more?

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