Balanced Living for Creatives

Balanced Living for Creatives

April 21, 2010

Native Seeds

Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge is a local nature reserve. It is in the process of being rehabilitated from the military arms manufatury. It is a Superfund site, one that was called a "nature preserve" mainly because it is too toxic to reclaim for residential or even commercial use. The dumpsites and radiation areas are well covered up, sent to underground disposal areas. The site is being returned to a natural environment. Buffalo have been brought back and are thriving. Eagles are nesting and many other types of birds, animals, insects, fish are being returned to the area. Part of the rehab is to exterminate the invasive species plants and reseed with native plants. The nature preserve is open to visitors and there are trails that go through parts of the preserve. On a recent visit, a volunteer was collecting seeds from the four wing salt bush. This native plant is prevalent in prairie areas and volunteers will help to spread the seeds of this shrub and other native plants to far reaches of the preserve to help bring back the native environment.

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