Balanced Living for Creatives

Balanced Living for Creatives

September 4, 2010

Art is Broken

I came across Art is Broken many months ago. It makes so much sense and I have been struggling with the questions since. In my studio in front of me at all times, I have posted in large letters:
Why do I paint this subject?
Why do I paint the way I do?
Why should anybody care?

I'm still trying to answer these questions. It's tough, but until I do, I think MY art will be 'broken' and not do what I want it to do. I've tried out every which way to paint, in many mediums, I feel accomplished in working and can do what I want with any materials. But the art has no meaning, it feels unconnected, and doesn't capture people in a strong way. It's like--oh it's one more pretty landscape out there. I mean boring! Then I start to question Why do I care about my art??? I can do it and just enjoy the process, but I feel the need for it to mean something more. I can't seem to find a topic or subject or purpose that continually works for me. So Why do I exist? So if anyone has any comments or suggestions as to how I can better make my art have meaning both for me, and for other people, I would love to hear it!!!!

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